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The staff of Purpose counseling works to restore relationships, change lives, and discover hope for individuals, couples, and families. We encourage and empower you to enjoy life and grow  toward your full potential.

Find your way, find your purpose.

Individual Therapy

People pursue therapy for many reasons such as  anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, trauma, relationship issues, life transitions, insecurities, sex addiction, abuse, eating disorders, anger issues, and grief or loss. Individual therapy is an active, collaborative process between a client and counselor. Therapists, determine goals, and identify steps to build skills and help clients reach their goals, produce change, and enhance quality of life.

Family Therapy

We provide tools and skills necessary to restore well-meaning communications within the boundaries of the family.  Family systems therapy promotes growth, self-esteem, and connection which, in turn, facilitates healthy communication, trust, and interactions among family members.


Feelings of depression often include sleeplessness, anger, clouded thinking, helplessness, hopelessness, emptiness, and numbness. Life can be difficult and unpleasant at times, but being unhappy all the time is a problem you can overcome.


Do you ever find that you worry excessively about things that are not likely to happen?  Do you feel tense and anxious all day with no reason?  It’s normal to get anxious at times. However, if your worries and fears are so constant that they disrupt your ability to function and relaxing seems impossible, you may need help dealing with your anxiety.


Trauma is defined as an emotional upset, injury, or behavioral state triggered by severe mental or emotional stress. This is a broad definition, as any actual or perceived event can cause trauma in our lives. Hurtful words, broken relationships, life-altering circumstances, abuse, illness, war, and any other hostile event that causes emotional and mental difficulties can create long-lasting traumatic impacts. With this in mind, most of us have experienced some type of trauma.


Death. Car accidents. Chronic pain. Life-altering injury. Suicide. Missing the grade on major exams. Disability. Infertility. Addictions. Divorce. Marital strife. Burying a child. Job loss. Retirement. Empty nest. Watching loved ones lose to dementia. End-of-life decisions.  . . . the list is endless.

Grief is as unique as the individual experiencing it. Its lens is the hue of your life’s story. Grief seems to come in waves when you least expect it, and there is really no way to control it. It’s survivable although it may not feel that way in the beginning.


Divorce happens for a myriad of reasons.  It affects both partners as well as the children, the extended family, and friends. Divorces can bring to light habits that may have seemed to be your best responses and sometimes help you see how marital roles, perceptions, and expectations modeled in your family of origin may have gotten in your way. Your past may explain some things about you, but it does NOT have to define you.

Men’s Issues

Men, we are bombarded with messages that call into question what it means to be a man. Questions like: Do I need a six-pack? Should I dress a certain way? Would driving a nicer car make me noticeable? What cologne should I wear? How is my sex life? Can I adequately perform for my wife/girlfriend? How should I treat women? Can I still be a gentleman or is that considered sexist? Is expressing emotion a weakness? The list could go on, and on, and on. The bottom line is that many men walk around confused, frustrated and maybe, if we are honest, a little scared.

Women’s Issues

There are as many “women’s issues” as there are women. We are relational beings, and often feel the sting of interpersonal difficulties with our families of origin, partners, children, and friends.  Whether you have a history of trauma and abuse (physical, emotional, sexual), struggle with anxiety or depression, feel the emptiness of identity issues, or are awakening to the hope of freedom from codependency, we are here to help.

We offer a sliding fee scale to those without insurance and accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, All Kids and New Directions

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